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September 16, 2008

*If you have not yet brought in your forms/student fees please do so asap.*

English Classes: spelling test on Friday

   English 300/431X/531: unit 2 words/English 431A: unit 1 words

     In today’s classes:

English 300:

*Students that were absent yesterday will be writing their spelling test tomorrow (Unit 1 words).  

We have started short stories.  Make sure that you go over the techniques used by authors because we will be having a quiz on them later in the week.

English 431X:

We did an activity on brainstorming today.  Students were very creative!  We will continue with that tomorrow.

English 531:

Continue with assignments from Passages.  New spelling words tomorrow for spelling test on Friday.  We will be starting a novel shortly.

Math 531:

Continue working on chapter 1.  Tomorrow hand in homework from last night and tonight (page 8,10,11)

Science 300:

See Ms. Kenny if you have not yet completed ecosystems activity

We started chapter 1: Matter.

English 431A: 

Unit 1 words should be completed.   Spelling test on Frinday.

Continue on with Of Things Not Seen  (reading/questions/definitions)


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