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October 1, 2008

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English 300: Unit 4 Spelling test on Thursday.   We are continuing on with short stories.  When  “The most Dangerous Game”  story and questions are complete, students will be writing their own short stories. 

English 431x: Unit 4 Spelling test on Thursday.  We are still working on writing descriptions.  In the next few days, we will be going over a new brainstorming method and students will write a one-page description to be handed in. 

English 531: Unit 4 Spelling test on Thursday.  We are finishing up literature from Passages.  We will be doing some work on grammar and then starting the novel “In the Heat of the Night.”

Science 300: Students should be finishing up chapter one and be prepared to write their chapter 1 test.  To review for the test, students shoud go over: definitions, questions, symbols, density problems, physical/chemical changes.  If you have any questions, come see me. 

History 300: Students should get the chapter 10 overview from me if they have not done so already.  Continue working on questions and assignments. 

English 431A:  Unit 3 Spelling test on Thursday.  Continue working on novel.  Students should be on chapter 10 at the end of this week.  I will be collecting your questions at the beginning of next week. 

Math 531:  Continue working on chapter 2

Communications: Print off communications test and questions and pass in.  Begin working on first speech.


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