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November 21, 2008

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Welcome to Term 2!  I hope everyone’s exams went well!

English 300: We have started a novel study on the book Hatchet.  Students should presently be on chapter 5 and have chapter 1-4 questions handed in. 

English 431X: We are currently working on narrative writing.  Students should have class notes copied down and should be working on narrative writing assignment # 1.  I will go over all first drafts with students,  before the final draft is typed up.   

English 531: Novel study on In the Heat of the Night should be finished up this week.  We will be doing some work on grammar and then working with the literature from Passages.

Science 300: We are working on chapter 2.  Students should be finishing this chapter up, and be prepared to write the chapter 2 test by next week.

History 300: Students will be starting chapter 11 this week. 

English 431A: We will be having our Unit 8 spelling Test on Monday as several students were absent on Thursday.  Students should have their newspaper assignment completed at the beginning of next week. 

Math 561: Excellent work on Test # 4!  I will be passing out the Term 2 outline on Monday. 

Housing 661: Continue copying class notes.  See me for the next assignment

Housing 621: Students can continue working on assignments.  Also, start thinking about their scrapbooks. 

Biology 631: Students should be ready to start chapter 15. 

English 631: Continue working on assignments from Passages

Geography 431: Students should have all chapter 1 terms completed and be working on chapter 1 assignment.


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