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February 16, 2009

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Welcome to 2nd semester! 

English 431A:  Students wrote their first spelling test today.  Everyone did quite well!  I will be handing out Unit 2 words tomorrow.  Most students have started the class novel “Of Things Not Seen.”  Those that have not started it, should be ready to start by tomorow.   

Science 431:  Students can continue working on Unit 1.  All students should be on section 1.4, if not further along. 

Geography 431:  Students should continue working on chapter 1, and should be close to writing their chapter 1 test. 

Family Life 421:  Students should be finishing up chapter 1 and ready to start chapter 2 by Wednesday. 

English 531:  Anyone that did not write their Unit 1 spelling test today should be prepared to write it tomorrow.  Continue  working on Passages selections.  Students should be reviewing the selections and the terms in preperation for the Passages: Adventure test. 

Math 531:  Continue working on chapter 1 questions. 

Biology 631:  Students should have their chapter 9 study guide and review handed in to me in the next couple of days so I can correct it and hand it back before the chapter 9 test. 

Housing 621:  Students should have their chapter 1 assignments into me by now.  Be prepared to write the chapter 1 test by Wednesday.  I will have the outline for the final project ready to be handed out at the end of the week. 

English 631: Those students that are fast tracking should be working on assignments at home.   Students should soon be ready to write the  Passages: Communication Test.


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