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March 2, 2009

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English 431A:  All students have started the class novel “Of Things Not Seen.”  Everyone should now be working on chapter 3, with all questions and assignments from previous chapters complete.  Students  should have 2 journals completed and be prepared to write their Unit 2 Spelling test this week. 

Science 431:  Students can continue working on Unit 1.  All students should be on section 1.8, if not further along.   Students should now be reviewing their materials in preparation for the Unit 1 Test which will probably take place next week. 

Geography 431:  Students should be finishing up chapter 1, and should be ready to write their chapter 1 test this week. 

Family Life 421:  Students should all be working on chapter 2, if not further ahead and be ready to write the chapter 2 test in the next few days.   

English 531:   Students should be finishing up their Passages selections.  Students should be reviewing the selections and the terms in preparation for the Passages: Adventure test which should be written this week.  Also students should have 2 journals completed, and be ready to write their Unit 2 Spelling Test this week. 

Math 531:  I will give some extra time tomorrow to finish the ch. 1 test, and then we will be moving on to chapter 2. 

Biology 631:  Students should all be working on chapter 10.  Several students need to see me about corrections on their ch. 10 review.  After this is complete they can write the ch. 10 test.  One student is ready to write the midterm.  This will be given over 2 days. 

Housing 621:  Students should have their chapter 2 assignments into me by now.  Be prepared to write the chapter 2 test by Wednesday.   If students have not received the first section of the outline for the final project, they should see me tomorrow to get it.  It is in the students’  best interest to start this assignment asap, as it is quite time consuming and requires a lot of effort and work. 

English 631: Those students that are fast tracking should be working on assignments at home.   Students should be ready to write the Passages: Communication Test tomorrow.    Students should also have 2 journals completed.


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