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October 6, 2010

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History 421~ We have finished reading chapter 2/ section 2: The Fertile  Crescent.  Students were asked to finish their study guide questions for homework and we will go over the answers tomorrow.  Students are reminded to study for their little quiz on this section tomorrow.  Any students that have not yet submitted their response to discussion question 3 need to have that in by Thursday night at 11:59! 

English 431x~ Students wrote their parts of speech test today.  Any students that were absent for it are asked to come see me at lunch tomorrow.  Tomorrow is journal day, and Friday we will start looking at the different types of writing. 

English 631~ We are continuing working on our Passages Survival Unit.  Some students are still finishing The Cabin Door, and some students have started What Stays in the Family.  We have 2 selections left until we write our Survival Unit test.


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