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September 28, 2011

Grade 9 English:

We have just started working on personal narratives.  On Monday students were given a personal narrative package, that gave them an overview of the assignment as well as some sample personal narratives.  We have gone over “showing” sentences and dialogue, and students were responsible for taking a “weak”  narrative and re-writing it and making it a “strong” narrative.  For tomorrow students are asked to come to class with an idea for their personal narrative.  

Geography 421:

This week we practiced using latitude and longitude.  We finished chapters 3/4 today and students started their Chapter 3/4 asignment.  It will be finished up on Monday, as tomorrow we have the Terry Fox run during this class and Friday we are going to the computer lab.  Students can expect to write their first test on Tuesday.  It will cover chapters 2,3,4, and 9. 

Canadian Studies 401:

We have finished Theme 1 in Unit 1 and yesterday we began Theme 2 which is about ecozones in Canada.  Students started by coloring the different ecozones on a map of Canada.  Today we went to the computer lab and students did some research on an ecozone.


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