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October 28, 2011

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Grade 9 English:

Students should have chapters 1-4 of Cue for Treason read for Monday.  As well, you should have questions, terms and activities completed for Chapters 1, 2 &3. 

Monday we will read chapter 5 as a class and the chapter 4/5 questions, terms and activities will be handed out. 

All questions, terms and assignments for chapters 1-5 will be collected on Wednesday, November 2. 

◊ Reminder:

All grade nine students are reminded to pass in their permission form to Mr. Farrell on Monday for the Take Your Kids to Work Day!

Geography 421:

All chapter 11 assignments are due today (October 28).  We have started chapter 12, and will be learning about the Canadian Shield on Monday.  Today we are going to the computer lab to continue working our midterm assessment ~ A 30 Day Trip around Canada.  This assignment is due November 9th and we have 1 more class to work on it after today.  Any other time that you require will have to be on your own time. 

Canadian Studies 401:

Today we went to the computer lab to continue working on creating our own National Park.  Monday we will have a review for our Unit 1: Theme 2 & 3 test that will be written on Tuesday.


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