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October 24, 2013

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8F & 8K LA –

Novel & Literacy Terms Quiz tomorrow.  Please study notes provided in class, as well as the pre-test we had today.

Reminder that your Independent Novel Study project is due Monday, Nov. 7th.  You will have one more class period to work on it. 

8F/8J/8K Social Studies –

Reminder of your chapter 2 test Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  You have all of the necessary information to study at this point.

8K Homeroom –

Reminder that Parent Teacher Conference times for Thursday, November 7th, and Fri. November 8th, are being sent home today.  Please have your parent view and sign the form if the appointment time is satisfactory. If there is an issue with the time please have them indicate when they are available, and return that information to me tomorrow.

Read-In Bookmark contest ends Nov. 7th.  If you are interested in designing a bookmark for Stonepark this year, please get a form from Mrs.Geddes and apply!



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