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October 15, 2014

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Language Arts (7F~ Mr. Young and 7K~ Mrs. Breedon)

Students have completed several readings and activities  from the Nelson Literacy unit Step Up.

We have now started reading the novel The Boy Who Dared.  The books are being shared between classes so they will remain in the classroom.  However if a student misses time, or is going to miss time they can sign a book out to read at home!

Students have also been given the handout for their Independent Novel Study.  This is an assignment that students will be working on for several months as it is due Monday, December 8.  (Students started this is September) Students are required to read a novel and complete 4 activities for that novel.  The activities are outlined on handout they received.  There is class time given for this assignment each cycle, but students may want/ need to do some reading at home.

Social Studies (7H~ Mr. McCourt, 7J~ Mr. Chaisson and 7K~ Mrs. Breedon)

Students have completed chapter 1 in the book and were given back their Empowerment posters that they completed in place of a test.  We have started chapter 2 and are in the process of reading and completing in-class activities.


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