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October 2, 2017

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Grade 7 Language Arts (7-4 and 7-7):

*Students were given an Independent Novel Study assignment to work on, both at home and in class.  (They will be given half a period to work on it, each 6-day cycle)  Students are expected to read a novel they have chosen, and complete the required activities for that novel.  The due date for this assignment is Monday, December 4th.

In class students have started working on making connections to different texts, and they also provided me with a sample of their writing so I can provide them with individualized feedback.


Grade 7 Social Studies (7-3):

Students have completed chapter 1:Empowerment in their textbook and are currently working on creating a poster to show their understanding on Empowerment.  They are currently being given class time to work on this, and the due date will be Tuesday, October 10th.


Grade 8 Social Studies (8-1 and 8-3):

Students have completed chapter 1 in their textbooks and had class time to complete their chapter 1 assignment.  The due dates for this assignment are as follows:

8-1- Monday, October 2nd (Today)

8-3- Wednesday, October 4th

We are now moving on to chapter 3: Canada’s People, in the text.


Grammar/Punctuation Games

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March 30, 2017

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Social Studies~ 7L

Reminder that Heritage Fair presentations will begin on Monday, April 3.

Language Arts ~ 7G/7K/7L

Reminder that the “Remember the Titans” assignments are due tomorrow.  Many students have completed this in class and handed this in, but those that have not should have it in tomorrow.

*Some students have an extension until Monday.

February 24, 2017

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Social Studies – 7L

We have finished chapter 6 and students will write the chapter 6 test on Wednesday, March 1.  Band students received the review yesterday, and the rest of the class will receive it today.

All grade 7 English Social Studies classes will be doing Heritage Fair projects.  This will probably get started next week.  I will introduce it to the class on Monday and provide students with all the necessary information.

February 6, 2017

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Language Arts – 7G/7K/7L

Students have been working on a 2 minute oral presentation.  They can choose any topic they would like.  They won’t be marked on the content, just the presentation itself. Students that are ready can present tomorrow (Tuesday February 7) and everyone else  should be prepared to present on Wednesday.

*If there is a cancellation on Wed, students will present Monday, February 13th.

Oral Presentation Rubric:

CRITERIA 4 3 2 1


Presentation is 2 minutes or longer Presentation is between 1:40 and 1:55 minutes Presentation is between 1:25 and 1:39 minutes Presentation is between 1:00 and 1:24 minutes
Eye Contact


Holds the attention of entire audience with use of eye contact, seldom looking at notes Consistent use of direct eye contact with audience, but still returns to notes Minimal eye contact with audience, while mostly reading from notes No eye contact with audience, as entire presentation was read from notes
Elocution/ Pace


Uses a clear voice, at an appropriate volume and steady pace so audience can hear/follow presentation 1 of the following needs some work:

O Clarity of voice

O volume

O pace

2 of the following needs some work:

O Clarity of voice

O volume

O pace

Student mumbles, speaks too slow or too fast, and speaks too quietly for audience to hear
Prepared Student is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed. Student seems pretty prepared but might have needed a couple more rehearsals. The student is somewhat prepared, but it is clear that rehearsal was lacking. Student does not seem at all prepared to present.

Mark:            /16


Students are also working on their Independent Novel Study #2.  The due date is Monday, March 13.


Social Studies – 7L

We are currently working on Chapter 6 in the textbook.

January 13, 2017

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Social Studies:

Chapter 5 test will be written on Wednesday, January 18.  Some students took the review to work on over the weekend, and everyone else will get it on Monday.  We will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday.

Language Arts:

We have started working on a persuasive writing unit.  We started looking at ads and commercials, and students designed their own ads. We are now looking at persuasive articles and in particular examining their introductions, reasons supporting the author’s stance (and supporting details) and conclusions.  Next week we will look at techniques authors use to persuade, and then we will move on to writing persuasive pieces.

*Students were given a permission slip to have signed in order to participate in the Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs survey.  Please return to me as soon as possible!  Thanks!

December 5, 2016

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Social Studies

Chapter 3 terms and assignment are due tomorrow.

Language Arts

Students are reminded to get their Independent Novel Studies and their Book Jackets handed in as soon as possible (if they have not already done so).